I am not a man hater
per se`
A few have proven to be inspirational



I'll always be in my 70's...

1970's that is!!

....Yeah Baby!...that was My Generation.

I was born into a black & white world ,a poster child for 1960's suburbia, coming of age in a post-psychedelic world of Disco balls, Dancing Queens and DayGlo.
What a time to be a teen with Dance Fever!


I recently came across one of those "you know your are from..." email list (which I usually ignore) that took me by surprise. It was "you know you were a girl in the 70's if..." The first line (repeated below) caught my eye and though many of the others did not apply to me, the memories came flooding back to me and I hope my list does the same for you.

So get out your bean bag chair, pour yourself a Fresca and be young again with me.......

The 70's is your generation if.....

  • . . . you wore that rainbow shirt that was half-sleeves and the rainbow went up one sleeve, across your chest and down the other.

  • . . . you owned a bicycle with a floral banana seat, handlebars as high as your head (with long ribbons and a basket. In the early 80's you moved onto the ever popular 10 speed. Gosh that seat hurt.

  • . . . your started out on metal roller skates that go stretched & locked with a "key and then graduated to the "Professional" shoe skates (white) that laced up like granny boots

  • . . . . while we're on skaters you had or desperately wanted a "Dorothy Hamill Do"

  • . . . you wore psychedelic & paisley bell bottoms with midriff tops (and looked cute not trashy.

  • . . .you caught lightening bugs, wore flip flops and played "red light, green light"

  • . . .you carried a metal lunch box to school with a thermos inside. Inside the thermos was glass that broke the first time you dropped it(probably within the first two weeks)

  • . . . your t.v. had knobs that clicked and rabbit ear antennas

  • . . .Admit it......you thought Gopher from Love Boat was cute BUT not as cute as Davey Jones. You never missed an episode of The Monkeys. Hey..heyyyyyyyyy

  • . . . you had rubber boots for rainy days (galoshes) that you pulled over your shoes, owned a smelly, rubber rain coat & tied a plastic triangle over your head.

  • Later you had a " bubble umbrella and lace up granny boots....ohhhh...remember granny skirts, mood rings and chokers!?!

  • . . . you wore snow suits,clip on mittens and wrapped your feet in plastic before putting on your snow boots

  • .. . . you had either a "bowl cut" or a "pixie" because your Mom was sick of braiding your hair. How traumatic when people thought you were a boy.

  • . . . your sleeping bag was a prized possession and you took it on sleepovers with the girls.
  • ******you got your first period at a sleepover and were wearing white pants******** .....oh wait..that was me!

  • . . . you owned several"ponchos" most crocheted by your mom (who was also into macramé planters) & wore toe socks with your clogs.

  • . . .you dressed to the hilt for Easter..tights, new patent leather shoes, matching purse & a straw hat.. and your mother wore hats of bright colors with fake flowers or ones with a gazillion shiny discs all over it..

  • You wore a bathing cap to go swimming that made a frightening noise when you took it off.....like it was sucking out your brain.

  • . . . you used to tape record songs off the radio by holding your portable tape recorder up to the speaker.
  • Jeans were called "Dungarees". All the males in your family owned a "Leisure suit" And your mom wore Velore "Track Suits" and Jogging Ensembles. ................hahahahaha....MY mother jogging....hahahahahah

  • . . .wore your Sunday clothes to go "shopping on the Avenue"

  • . . .Adored the Flying Nun, wanted to dress like "That Girl" (Oh, Donald), watched General Hospital from the beginning and dropped everything to be at "Luke & Laura's wedding"

  • . . . Tattoos were for Bikers, big hoop earrings for Tramps, Black nail polish for bad girls and you only got your ears pierced..once!

  • . . . passed the time with a yo-yo, Frisbee, hoola-hoop or a slinky.

  • . . .went to dances at "The Social Hall"

  • . . .went through a lot of chalk on the sidewalks

  • . . .wanted to be a "Safety" at school and get to "clap the erasers"

  • . . ."Trick or Treated" until midnight and walked to school the next day

  • . . .your most favoritist thing was a powder blue Snow White watch that you kept in your jewelry box...the one with the beautiful twirling ballerina

  • . . .had a Thumbelina doll, Chatty Cathy or Betsy Wetsy...maybe "Mrs Beasley" too

  • . . .thought of Sissy, Buffy, Jody, Mr French and Uncle Bill as family

  • . . .saw Herbie the love bug, the Towering Inferno and "Billy Jack" at the "theater" and probably watched "Nanny & the Professor, the Banana Splits and the roller derby on t.v.

  • . . .had a P.O.W. bracelet and still remember the name on it
  • ********** I do.....Staff Sgt. Russell T Bott...
  • ...................I wonder if I can find out anything? I've always wondered.............

Well..I'd better stop for now.
There's tears in my eyes and I'm feeling kind of sad. I guess we really did have nothing & everything at the same time. We were safe and we were free...roaming the neighborhood barefoot from sun up to sun down & beyond. And where ever we went & whatever we did our mom's knew it. Our doors were unlocked, our windows were open and somebody always had an eye on us. The world has changed & we can't give that "safe neighborhood" to our children & grandchildren but we can share the memories.

No matter what stage your girls are in (or mood) they really do get a kick out of hearing your corny story.
Print this out, call your daughters and go pop some Jiffy Pop.
Then look up some "grade school buddies" and email them this
And if you are still fortunate to be able to do so...CALL YOUR MOM!

Please pass this on.....Peace, man.

...la...la...la..laaaaaaa....feel'n groovey....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Mare. I still think I have my pink Barbie watch somewhere. . .